Where Would You Be if You Had Been Involved at the Beginning of Groupon, the Entertainment.com Coupon Book, or Others?
Don't Worry.  Now You Have the AMAZING Fortune of Joining What Will Be the BEST EVER LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM ON THIS PLANET.  Be One of the Lucky FIRST 10,000 to JOIN During Our Pre-Launch Promotion For ONLY $15 ONE TIME!!
While the programs mentioned above (Groupon, Entertainment.com, Deal Chicken, and others) offer great savings opportunities, they don't really share their revenue back with the public.  They take your money in exchange for a coupon book or "Buy One Get One" deals and their profit pays the bills of their CEOs and sales reps.
Our program manages every dollar that comes in a bit differently.  Instead of rewarding the CEO and paying sales reps and employees, membership money is managed thru a Co-Op arrangement.  EVERY member is a part owner of the program, thus every member shares equally in the rewards.  
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In summary, when you support your local businesses that are participating in our co-op, we'll invest our profits back into your pockets so that you can achieve financial freedom for your family.  Be a smart person and join us during pre-launch will we're getting the card program ready across the nation.
  1. Membership Card will give you discounts of 10% to 25% at participating merchants when you show your card at checkout .... with NO EXPIRATION.
  2. Referral bonus of $5 or $10 up front for every referral once we launch.
  3. Sponsor bonuses of $12,500 or $25,000 for every member personally referred that completes a full program round (8 cycles).
  4. $359,375 to EVERY member over and over to pay for ANY home or pay off an existing mortgage, or for whatever you want.
  5. EVERY member accrues at least $136,500 in Co-Op Care Credit to pay for healthcare expenses such as doctor and hospital bills, dental care, prescription reimbursement and more.  We even pay for adoption services.
  6. EVERY member accrues at least $136,500 in Co-Op Bonus Credit to pay for EVERY member to join other opportunities for multiple streams of income, including paid entries through co-op into the "Meat of the Month" Club, the "Movie a Month" Club, and the "Gift Card a Month" Club .... programs designed to save you money on your purchases of meat, movie tickets, and gift cards; also pays out referral bonuses and includes PAID vacations.
As more and more members join, either through personal referral efforts, or through an employer offering our program as an employee benefit, or through small small business owners joining to offer discounts... more and more cycles occur creating multiple payouts to EVERY member over and over again for life..